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The story of the Hammer of Thor Weighs in Trillions of Tons? Technology or Magic?

how much does thor's hammer weigh
Mystery and Science of Thor’s Hammer

Thor in the original version is a god of thunder in German mythology. Friends who are curious may want to know the original story, can browse the literature in the history of the Vikings. Marvel itself has confirmed that the Thor story in its comics is inspired by the mythological version of Thor.

It doesn’t stop there, the names of supporting characters such as Loki, Valkyrie, Odin, and Mjolnir, are also taken from the mythological story.

One interesting fact, if anyone doesn’t know, Thursday, which is known as Thursday in English, is actually taken from Thor’s name, namely Thor’s day, now you can prove it directly by opening wikipedia.

The mythical story of Thor, the god of thunder, was later adopted into the comics, and turned into science fiction. Thor in the myth is a god, while in the Marvel comic version he is an alien creature from the outer galaxy civilization, more towards aliens, where the place is called Asgard, and the inhabitants are called agardians.

The civilization where Thor originates is much more advanced, maybe humans will find it difficult to distinguish between technology and magic if they are there, as Thor said during his conversation with Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman “your ancestors called it magic, while you called it science, at my place both are the same“.

Jane Foster also once threw the name Arthur C. Clarke. As we know, serious dialogues in Marvel films are not just thrown, there must always be a connection and meaning behind them. After being traced, Arthur C. Clarke is a very popular person in the world of science fiction, there are lots of science fiction themed books from the era of the second world war that he has written, and many of his writings have come true.

And some of them read “people are no longer gathering, but they are communicating”, any technology that is quite proficient, is no different from magic”.

Well back to the topic, Thor himself has confirmed that “magic and science” in their place, both are the same,

Well the question What technology is there in Thor’s hammer to the extent that the Hulk and other avengers can’t lift it except the owner of the hammer and Captain America? Does it really weigh up to trillions of tons?

Thor in Infinity war once said that his hammer was forged by Nivadellir with the great power of the Neutron Star, and his father Odin once said the hammer was forged in the heart of the “Dying Star”.

Neutron stars themselves are the result of supermassive stars that have run out of fuel, then shrink, some produce black holes and some produce neutron stars.

Neutron stars have a very small diameter when compared to other stars, but behind that, Neutron stars are the hottest, heaviest stars and are able to devour other stars and planets around them.

According to scientists; if we can take part of this star with the size of a teaspoon, it will weigh up to 1 Trillion tons. Can you imagine if Thor’s hammer was taken from this star part.

But Marvel itself has confirmed that Thor’s hammer weighs approximately 42 Pounds, or about 19 KG, from this it can be concluded that the hammer material is not from the Neutron star, it’s just that it was forged using the power of the Neutron Star.

If it only weighs 19 kg, why are only Thor and Captain America able to lift the hammer, meaning that the strength of the other Avengers is less than 19 kg, right? :D?

One of the marvel comics entitled “Indestructible Hulk” once mentioned and gave the reason that Thor’s hammer or Mjolnir emits Graviton Particles which is the cause of its weight.

The existence of Graviton Particles is still controversial, if you want to know more about this one particle, you can read it on Wikipedia.

Now, back to the Indestructible Hulk comic, it is also stated that the particle will emit Graviton energy depending on “external stimulus”, which means it depends on the user. In other words Mjolnir has been programmed and only certain people can lift it.

Even at the beginning we already knew, Asgard has a very advanced civilization, even magic and science are difficult to distinguish when humans come there.

There is a scene in the Thor movie when Odin throws Thor to earth, then throws the Mjolnir together with Thor. Well before he threw the hammer, he had time to recite a sentence right in front of Mjolnir which reads ” whoever wields this hammer, if it is worthy, will have the power of Thor“.

In the world of magic it is a spell, but this can also be said to be a program from more advanced technology, like Google Voice maybe.

Captain America himself once raised it in Avenger Endgame, how come?

Even Thor was unable to lift the hammer in the first film, but finally he managed to lift it again because of the sacrifices he had made, as well as Captain America he had sacrificed a lot for the sake of Avenger members even before entering Avenger.


Mjolnir itself is not made using a neutron star, it’s just that the Energy to forge it comes from the star.

The weight of the hammer is not even trillions of tons, because Marvel itself has confirmed the weight of Mjolnir, however, the hammer uses technology that is able to control Graviton particles, which are still controversial among scientists.

This hammer can only be lifted by people who have made the greatest sacrifices such as Captain America, and that is according to what Odin has programmed in Mjolnir.

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