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These 14 Museums In America Can Be Visited Online

America virtual tour
Overseas Virtual Tour

You may feel the desire to take a vacation to a tourist spot right now, but what happens if the situation and conditions do not allow us to freely travel to the desired destination, whether it is constrained by other activities or certain restrictions, or maybe related to other factors so that tourism activities do not occur. you can do.

Find out more the concept of a virtual tour or virtual tour

Everyone must have their own reasons, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done at all, there are other alternatives for those of you who can’t help but want to visit tourist attractions.

The emergence of the concept of virtual tourism allows us to visit certain locations with only digital devices, while lying on the bed, we are invited to go around by the tour guide, and it is clear that all the services that we can enjoy are available virtually or online.

No need to worry about having to think about costs, your body position stays at home, it’s just that your mind and eyes are invited to go around enjoying the sights of tourist sites, some are free, but some are paid.

Currently there are various choices, ranging from domestic and foreign, ranging from indoor and outdoor, all the choices are in your hands. In the country, there are clearly many vacation destinations, especially those related to natural beauty, you already know it yourself.

Have you ever been on a virtual tour?

If you say you have, the answer is “no” but almost. In 2022, I wanted to register for one of the services, but because the facilities were not adequate, I slowly backed off, pending it first. The tariff at that time was still relatively cheap, around 10 dollars for economical services. This is one of the reasons why this post was written.

But you should not bear it if you want to vacation online, just visit tourist destinations that are abroad, for example in America. Several museums there have facilitated virtual visitors around the world, you can see historical objects, learn more about a past event, just no less interesting if you visit there directly.

If you are curious about the place or location, here is a list of virtual tours or virtual tours in America:

1. The Met – New York

The met is a nickname for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, this is an art museum located east of central park located in New York City. Quoted from; The museum has announced a partnership with Verizon to present The Met Unframed, a virtual tour that allows visitors to walk around and enjoy the various works of art in the museum.

2. The National Gallery of art

This museum has existed since 1937, contains a collection of fine art from various famous artists in the Middle Ages until now, in the form of sculptures, drawings, medals, photographs and other decorative arts. This information can be used as a reference if you want to spend vacation time to this museum.

3. MoMa – New York

MoMa is the nickname of the Museum Of Modern Art, is one of the modern art museums, whose collections consist of works of architecture, designs, paintings, sculptures, photography, films and several other contemporary arts.

4. J. Paul Gety Museum – Los Angeles

First opened in 1974, then moved to Brentwood in 1997. It has a popular collection of paintings by renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh. If you want to get more information, you just need to go and visit the website link directly.

5. The Dali Museum -florida

Or commonly known as the Salvador Dali Museum, is a special collection of works by the artist Slavador Dali.

6. Nasa Glenn Research Center

This is one of the places where NASA scientists develop science and technology in the field of space related to aeronautics and space. Not only can it be visited offline but also virtual.

7. Nasa Langley Research Center

And the seventh is the Nasa Langley Research Center or commonly abbreviated as LARC which is located in Virginia US. Here you will be shown objects related to special space research activities in the field of Aeronautics.

8. The National Woman’s History Museum-Virginia

Founded in 1996, by Karen Staser, this tourist attraction is also commonly abbreviated as NWHM, this museum has many collections related to the contribution of women in various aspects of life such as culture, economy, and others.

9. Guggenheim Museum-Newyork

Is one of the Fine Arts Museums located in the Manhattan District, New York City, founded in 1939.

10. Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History -Washington

This museum is especially for you lovers of plants, animals, and fossil and cultural relics. The reason is that there are about 125 million collections related to some of the ones already mentioned.

11. National Museum Of The US Air Force

In this Museum you will see exhibitions that have to do with American Air Force soldiers, in the form of planes, and others.

12. The Spy Museum -Washington DC

The SpY Museum opened in 2002, exhibiting the largest collection of espionage artifacts and their role as well as documentation of the history of contemporary espionage.

13. The Art Institute Of Chicago

One of the oldest fine arts museums in the US, its popularity is undeniable, the article; every year this place gets a visit with a total of 1.5 million visitors per year.

14. Frick Collection -Newyork

If you want to take a vacation and see exhibitions of old masters and European decorative arts, this museum is one of the most suitable places for you to spend your vacation time. Founded by Henry Clay Frick during his lifetime in 1849-1919, then opened to the public in 1935 until now.

To be able to take part in the Virtual Tour from some of the services above, you only need to go to the official website by typing keywords related to the name of the museum you want to visit, all complete information in more detail is there.

During registration, you will usually be asked to fill out several registration forms related to your name and so on. Some virtual tours are provided for free, but there are also those that require prospective visitors to make payments during registration. But, well, there are buts; the costs incurred are not as expensive as if you have to go directly to each place.

In addition, usually the tour time has been stated with a predetermined duration and the tickets themselves are priced at different prices depending on the services offered.

For its own preparation; What is certain is that because this is done virtually or online, prepare enough quota and an adequate internet network, so that later activities will not be interrupted just because of a bad connection problem. It’s a loss when you’re busy on a tour, suddenly it’s cut off, as a result, the activities are less memorable.


Some of the names mentioned above are just a few virtual tours found in America, and are very well known. There are still other similar types of tours that are no less interesting and not listed, but you can explore on your own. Finally, hopefully what has been conveyed can add insight as well as references about interesting holiday objects, thank you.

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