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Tutorial: How to use and build items that hurt Hero NATAN |Latest

Mobile Legends games always provide excitement to the players, the moba genre that it carries allows the gameplay to be filled with various types and types of heroes. Each hero is designed to have their respective abilities, it is clear when they are issuing skills.

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Maybe many of you are very familiar with this game made by Moonton, but the MLBB hero Natan has stolen my attention to discuss him more specifically regarding his role and potential in the game.

Are you one of the many players who are interested in Natan’s abilities, and are thinking of becoming a reliable jockey for this character, now you are in the right place to get to know more about this MM made by Moonton.

Natan is one of Marksman’s heroes, released in July 2022, his presence is highly calculated by his teammates, because it is clear that almost all players agree that he was born as one of the Over Power characters, has great damage, especially during lategame. The right build item can make the sick hero act as the spearhead and the backbone of a teammate.


Like marksman in general, late game is the best time for MM to act, showing fangs to the opponent. Deals damage causing major damage.

This moment was also used by Nathan, the most appropriate time to bring out all forms of potential skills that exist. Equipped with crowd control capabilities, of course, it makes it impossible to just stop it.


Stack Natan is short in duration, does not last long, therefore it needs the right moment to maximize its potential. Behind the advantages there must be disadvantages, this proverb deserves to be pinned on all hero characters, even if all players think Nathan is the sickest hero, but a saber and harley are also worth considering, because for them; MM is the main target that must be overthrown first. In the end it will return to the level of player mastery of Nathan.


Let’s find out what abilities Nathan has


When Nathan attacks an opponent, he will cause 200 damage (+180 total physical ATK and +120 total Magic damage).

This value will always increase as level and exp increase.


Inflicts a knock back effect on opponents if hit by this skill, which allows them to receive additional physical and magic dmg simultaneously in certain areas around the skill radius.


When the player activates this skill, he summons reinforcements from the summon reverse clone, namely his own cloned shadow attacks the opponent for approximately 8 seconds. That long duration certainly causes the enemy team’s hero to be overwhelmed. Nathan’s flexibility allows him to change directions to other reserve clones, the required duration is 2 seconds.

Passive TOE (Theory of everything)

Entagelment stack will increase when every reverse clone touches the opponent. The more often the skill is used, the more likely the stack is at a maximum value of 6. Even though it looks small, the effect cannot be taken lightly, because this is a magic and physical collaboration, as we know, when both are released simultaneously, this becomes a frightening specter for the team. opponent.

Tips on how to play Hero Nathan

If any of you claim to be Kimmy’s hero player, it will be a plus when they want to enter Natan’s gameplay, because the two have many similarities, especially in terms of gameplay.

Kimmy has a stack for Physical and magic attacks, so does Natan. Players can build hybrid model build items, which are a combination of both, full magic or physical. What you should know; The initial start of this hero is dominated by physical abilities, then followed by magical. Which means that the dominant start can benefit us in the early game.

At first glance, the basic attack looks like a magical effect, but it needs to be underlined, the physical stack will also increase when it hits the opponent.

Combo Skill

Try the maximum stack value before using the ultimate. If the skill is issued in a certain order, it allows the passive hero to come out, thus dealing massive damage to the enemy hero.

Natan’s Painful Build Items

Don’t waste Natan’s potential, feel the difference when the first mandatory item of attack speed shoes is ready, followed by windtalkers, and others as shown in the image below;

As a Mobile Legends player, you must also be aware, as strong as the hero released by Moonton is, if it is not accompanied by the mastery ability of the player, then it is no different from the others.

Hopefully what has been explained above can help treat your curiosity.

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