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Use of Keywords and Tags in Blog Posts | SEO Optimization

function of keywords and tags in blog posts
SEO Optimization

This only note is related to the use of keywords and tags in blog posts. The importance of inserting these two elements, with the aim of optimization, allows posts to compete on search engine pages.

The two have a very close relationship when one discusses search engine optimization. There are several statements regarding both; for example ; “when the keyword optimization process in the tag is mandatory”.

What are keywords and their functions?

Complement only; Keywords are keywords, can be in the form of short sentences or long sentences or commonly known as short keywords and long tail keywords.

The function of the keyword itself is to make it easier for search engines to present readings to potential visitors when they want to find readings according to what they are looking for.

What are Tags and their Functions?

Literally the use of tags to classify a discussion, when someone visits a post on a blog, this tag is the first one that is presented to visitors, so they can know what kind of picture the discussion in it is.

overall There are several known tags; Tags, Meta Tags, and Description Meta Tags. The purpose of using the three also has differences, some are used for machines and humans.

This tag is also divided into several parts; there are title tags, body tags which include blog posts, and other tags

Use of Keywords and Tags

One of the most important things when playing with keywords, a highly recommended placement is inserting keywords in the section of each tag, whether it’s in the title, description or in the blog description meta tag.

Placement of keywords in these sections with the aim of making it easier for search engines to identify the contents of a post to be displayed to visitors according to what they need.

SEO Optimization Through Keywords and Tags

When discussing the problem of SEO optimization, the two names above must always be mentioned, keywords are not simply pinned, there are various considerations including; short kw, long tail , and kw desinty.

Short kw, as the name suggests ; short keywords, for example: Tutorial, How To, and so on, whereas;

Long tail kw is a detailed version of short kw, for example: Tutorial for making fried rice”.

Kw Density is the percentage density of the keywords embedded in a post. The most common placement when you want to optimize keywords is in the title tag, the body tag includes the content of the post; opening, middle and closing paragraphs and meta descriptions (search descriptions).

SEO optimization is not just making it easier for search engines, but more towards competition on the search page.


Although the two factors above are very important during the optimization process, they are only a small part, there are other parts that are no less important. This post is only a summary and brief description of the use of keywords and tags in blog posts for the SEO optimization process.

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