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What are Keyword Gaps in SEO Optimization?

What are Keyword gaps in SEO optimization

In the world of SEO there are lots of terms that of course not all of us know the meaning and meaning of these terms.

Especially as a beginner, who is just getting to know the world of SEO, for example you and me or we are certainly still in the learning process.

Just knowing it’s not enough before actually jumping in and learning the technique firsthand, a must as well as a requirement for anyone who struggles and plays in the world of blogging

Now one of the SEO terms that will be discussed is keyword gaps, so an important indicator in determining the position of posts in search results. Who doesn’t want posts that are already tired of appearing on the first page of search.

There must be someone who thinks “Even though I’m tired of posting, optimizing here and there, there are still posts that are difficult to perch on the first page”, if that means we’ve had the same fate, but is it normal? many out there are experts in theory and technique plus there are millions of article posts every day.

Even so, at least there is already a business, the name is competition in search engines, it’s heavy. However, by taking advantage of keyword gaps, the chances are bigger.

Back to topic What are Keyword Gaps?

Keyword gaps are one of the SEO practices and techniques in analyzing the possibility / gaps between words to produce unique and different content from the others.

Unique content here is content that has never been created at all or the level of competition is minimal, because the level of competition is minimal, of course this is a great opportunity for the content that we create.

The gap in question is that there is another possibility to insert a keyword for different results.

For example: you write content with the title “how to upload photos on pinterest” while I write content with the title “how to upload videos on pinterest”. Keyword gaps that can be obtained from both “How to upload gif on pinterest”, or “how to upload sticker upload on pinterest” and so on.

To analyze keyword gaps, you can use tools, or it can be manual, but for those of you who want to use the tools, you have to pay a fee, and the costs vary depending on the developer and the additional features in it, but for the quality of keyword gaps analysis, traffic volume can be guaranteed. , because we are given a keyword result with search volume.

Now, if the manual method is really difficult, it’s easy to get keywords like the example above, maybe there’s no problem with the choice of words but, there is a but, for traffic analysis we won’t be able to do it manually.

Have You Ever Played the Keyword Gaps Technique?

Yes, I have, although not all posts here are made with keyword gaps, because some of them are written with a “like-like” conscience, there is content for “personal notes”.

Explanation of keyword gaps

It’s a bit of a manual, bro, but it’s okay as a beginner, as you add more posts, you’ll also add your own.

How to Find and Create Content to Get Keyword Gaps

Because the method used is manual and this is the method I use so the percentage of success and getting a lot of traffic is not one hundred percent.

1. Blog Walking

if you play manually, this method is practically mandatory, because by doing blog walking, you will get opportunities as well as ideas by looking at the titles of other people’s website posts.

2. Youtube Walking

It’s a bit strange to hear this term, but basically it’s almost the same as blog walking, looking for ideas from YouTube videos.

3. Keyword Analysis

Previously, I had been going back and forth to other people’s websites, reading articles here and there, getting the idea for this story, next was to analyze keywords that could be inserted and could potentially become gaps.

4. Create Content

We arrived at the stage of creating content using the previously obtained keyword gaps. As usual, create a title with the kw, inserting kw to the beginning of the article post, middle and end, so that it is optimized.

5.Connecting KW with other Content

For the latter, this is just an optimization technique as usual, an attempt to connect you with other content or the term create backlinks.

Notes :

This is the way I often do to get keyword gaps. Since this is a manual method, it is not certain that it is one hundred percent successful, because it is not a tool that can display absolute and definite values.

If anyone wants to use tools, there are several tools that can be used, such as Alexa, Semrush and Ahref.

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