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What is a Blogroll? Good For SEO | Definition, Benefits and Applications

understanding blogroll
SEO blogroll

Blogroll?, some of you may be unfamiliar with this term, don’t worry, we have the same fate. I myself have only been familiar with the Blogroll for the last few months, because I have been curious and have been looking for it while asking questions about the temperature.

And the shortest answer is “Blogroll is a link”, but unfortunately this answer is not satisfactory, the reason is because it is not specific.

Because of that reason, then go again looking for someone who can answer in detail what blogroll is. And finally found it, let’s see the summary;

Blogroll History

In the past, this term was quite popular, long before that, blog platforms called it and known it as Link, this feature is used as a basic feature in almost all blog platforms, but after updating, it has now changed its name to Blogroll.

The difference between the blogroll before and now; blogroll used to be a basic feature embedded by default, but now, this has been removed, for anyone who wants to install and use it, this can be done manually.

What is Blogroll?

If you describe what is a Blogroll?, Blogroll in the form of a link or a link that leads to the homepage of another web or blog, it can be your own blog or someone else’s. If now maybe this kind of thing is commonly known as Backlinks only.

Benefits of Blogroll

Not much different from the backlinks we know in general, because actually this Blogroll is a backlink whose links come from outside and lead to certain websites, thus providing SEO benefits on the targeted blog.

Backlink techniques like this are indeed quite powerful to boost the SERP position and traffic. The link exchange that occurs is in accordance with SEO standards that are often applied.

Application of Blogroll

In practice, Blogroll is quite easy for anyone to do, generally it is installed in the sidebar in the form of a list of favorite blog links, on the blogger platform itself this setting is still there by default, can be displayed when you want to embed this feature.


So that’s a summary and brief explanation of “What is a Blogroll”, there are lots of benefits, but the main thing is backlinks as well as promotional links and recommendations.

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