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What is Youtube Short, Upload Videos Get 100-10,000 Dollars?

can youtube short earn money?
New youtube features

Being a YouTube content creator, of course, you are required to always provide video offerings that not only contain elements of entertainment, of course there must also be things that educate. After a long time, YouTube has been dominated by videos with long durations, finally a few months ago before this article was written, YouTube has now officially published their new feature, namely short videos.

What is a short video?

As the name suggests, short, short videos. Content like this is already familiar to those who have often created content on the tiktok application, yup, tiktok to this day still serves content in the form of short videos.

Not to forget Instagram also has a similar feature available. But behind the popularity of the three, youtube is still the number one choice as a service that is often used by creators to hunt for adsense dollars.

Without Subscriber Youtube Short Videos Can Be Monetized

This is no longer hearsay, that the service will pay its creators when uploading short video content on their channel.

Before this feature is presented, all of us who want to montage our work on this service must meet certain conditions, such as having a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. However, specifically for short videos, yt has officially announced that these conditions do not apply to short video uploads.

You don’t have to worry if you want to start using a new channel, because without a single sub we can directly participate and join this program.

Even so, we still have some requirements that must be complied with, regarding that, my friend can see it directly at short video guide

Now for the most general provisions when uploading videos, first, my friend must prepare a video with a duration of less than 60 minutes and a vertical 6:19 format, remember this is not a 16:9 horizontal position but vice versa.

The right way to upload short videos on youtube

1. First, before doing the upload process in the short feature, of course you must have a video with a duration of less than 60 seconds, and format 6:19,

2. After that, please open the YouTube application on your Android phone. In the youtube application, you will see an arrow button (+) in the middle of the bottom.

3. Select the icon, then look for the short option.

4. Before the upload process, you will be asked to edit several parts such as cutting videos, adding music, creating titles, descriptions, as in general when uploading youtube content.

However, there is something that needs to be considered in the title and description, so that you always add the word “short” either at the beginning or at the end.

5. Now is the time to wait for the upload process to finish until the video is ready to be watched. Later there will be a short symbol on the thumbnail view.

In general, titles, descriptions and tags containing short keywords will be grouped into these categories, but the more important factor is the length of the video. Even though all three have embedded these keywords, if the duration is still above 60 seconds, the uploaded content will not automatically be included in the youtube short category.

Earnings From Youtube Short

Based on the announcement from YouTube, they have prepared an initial fund of around 1.4 trillion rupiah to start this program.

Content creators will be paid based on the performance of videos that have been uploaded previously, YouTube directly reviews the channel in question, if there has been a short video on the channel within 180 days, then if it deserves to be paid, the yt party then sends an email containing a message to claim rewards.

The amount of payment that you get is around 100-10,000 us dollars, and that number will be given to the creator according to their video performance.

To process claims; before that my friend must have linked an adsense account, for those who are under 18 years of age must be represented by a guardian, which means the adsense account is not in their name, it must be in the name of their guardian.

The yt party has also confirmed that the reward claim process can be done every month. The reward will be sent on a certain date (can be seen in the youtube short guide), if it is not claimed for the next 1 month, it will be declared forfeited.

Maybe for now only this information can be conveyed, if there are changes to policies and so on, you can directly visit the official website.

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