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Why Lizards Can Stick And Crawl On The Wall?

why can lizards walk on walls?

Lizards are special animals that we have met so far, why is it special? The ability to crawl and walk on vertical walls makes other animals feel a little inferior when chasing lizards, especially predatory animals.

Although not only lizards have the ability to crawl, as we know there are spiders, ants and several other animals that also have this ability. The real question is why lizards can easily stick and crawl on the wall without falling, what are the secrets behind it?,

Van der Waals style

The foot of a lizard has a Van Der Waals force when its foot is attached to a wall, this force itself explains the polarity of the molecule, the emergence of a magnetic force and this is what happens when a lizard’s foot attaches to an object, the emergence of an adhesive force.

Lizard Feet Have Nano Technology

Lizard feet under the electron microscope will look like fine hairs on the surface, not only hundreds of fine hairs, but there are millions and even billions. If we zoom closer, these fine hairs will look like stalks, they are called Setae, in 1 square millimeter there are approximately 14,000 setae.

Lizard ability

So if we zoom in on 1 setae again, we can see small stalks called Spatulae. The number of spatulae in each stalk is around 1000, for the unit size is 100 NM, the comparison with a human hair is 1000x smaller.

The Van Der Waals force on the lizard’s feet actually occurs on a molecular or nanometer scale, this force is also very, very weak, but because of the billions of spatulae, as a result the adhesive power on the wall is able to support the lizard’s weight so it doesn’t fall.

Can humans crawl like lizards?

One of the Stanford researchers has tried technology that utilizes the Van Der Waals force by climbing a building, does it work?; the answer is successful, but throw away our imagination of lizard humans, because this is not as easy as a crawling lizard, the tester of this technology is only able to reach a height of 3 meters, and that too with difficulty.

The fact is that creatures that can crawl on walls are limited to the size of a lizard, why is that?, This has to do with the science of Allometry which studies body size and shape. The final result of the study is also very interesting, that the body structure of every living thing is proportional from the start, if the body of a living creature is enlarged and reduced beyond the normal scale, it will cause many major problems with metabolism and the ability of living things themselves.

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